Experimental Wednesdays – Sparkling Clean Solutions cleaning hacks

We love experimental Wednesdays, we check out the old and new cleaning hacks and test them to see if they really work.

Our first hack is Cleaning a microwave using lemons and water this method was really easy but we’ve tested it using water and cleaning chemicals such as Elbow grease, the pink stuff spray (personal favourite) and Dettol surface cleaner you just spray it in your microwave, put the cup of water in too as you see in the video.

The food just slides down the microwave as the steam softens the food particles, you only need to give the microwave a quick clean rather than an intense one!

Using chemicals or lemons all work just as well in fact some of the team prefer the chemical method as you can really smell the fragrance around the kitchen.

Sparkling Clean tip: buy microfibre cloths they are great for cleaning glass, mirrors and great for wiping surfaces.

Thanks for watching, they’ll be more cleaning hacks in our next experimental Wednesdays video.

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