A Day Celebrating Love and Romance

It’s St. Valentine’s Day and love is in the air.


A day associated with romance, love, confectionery and gifts…


But has Valentine’s Day become too commercialised? – it’s certainly big business with a multi-million pound market in the UK.


Did you know that sharing food with a loved one is the most popular way of celebrating the day, with a total spend of £287 million!


If you’re looking for ideas on where to eat tonight, you might like to try …


Alternatively, if you’re fed-up with being bombarded with the commercial pressure


How to avoid the commercialism of Valentine’s Day 

Love is much deeper and more profound than sending your partner red rose at inflated prices.


There are many simple things we can do to re-connect with the real meaning of this day…loving, sharing and giving.


A cuppa brought to your partner in bed is a good start…followed by you doing the breakfast.


Scented Lightbulbs to set the mood for love


Using a cotton bud apply 1-2 drops of a favourite Essential Oil to a bedroom light bulb. (It needs to be cold and the power switched off).  When you switch the light on, the heat from the bulb will warm the oil and add a fresh relaxing fragrance to the room.