Cleaning a Microwave

Before working for a cleaning company I never quite knew how dirty a microwave can get so I’m sure there’s a few people that don’t know this either. Here’s our tip below;

Join Sparkling Clean Solutions.

It will be Spring before we know it, The sunshine will highlight all of those finger marks on the glass, dust in the air and fluff balls on your desk – you need Sparkling clean solutions to use our micro-fibre cloths and a bit of sparkle to make your...

A bit about us.

Going the extra mile. One of our existing customers called as a matter of urgency to carry out a property sparkle clean the next day, we provided the extra staff  to ensure the job was complete within 24 hours –if we can go the extra mile for our staff...

Essential Print Services

The friendly team over at Essential Print services Ltd have moved premises; They are in the developing business park in the City of Derby. Please visit @essentialprint twitter page for more information on all of your printing needs.

New clients.

A new client chose our cleaner plus package. We delivered our goods and equipment to site and a staff member said – “thank goodness you guys have taken over, we’re sick of doing the cleaning”?!? If you’re sick of the office staff doing the cleaning, call Sparkling clean solutions,...

Quote of the day!

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people. Having a great team is the foundation of Sparkling clean!

Race for life 2018

Pink at the ready! We’re taking part in the race for life this year, we’re hoping to raise money for cancer, this terrible disease causes heartache for families all over the world, the least we can do is run 5k and raise as much moneyh as possible for research...

Still need a table for tonight?

Iberico Tapas – Derby have a great offer just for you! Forget overpriced set menus – join us for romantic evening and share some tapas with your better half! As usual, we will not be taking bookings and our delicious new menu will be on offer at the same...